August 22nd, 2003

I Like Being Thanked

This from Tapes From The Help Desk, regarding the SoBig virus making the rounds:

Hey. Hi there. It's Chuck, as in the president of the company. I opened this e-mail entitled "Thank you!" I like to be thanked. I'm not thanked enough, actually. Especially by you tech guys. With your long hair, out on your smoke breaks, laughing at your software jokes, wearing your stupid Black Sabbath T-shirts. [and so forth]

Which reminds me of this moment in The Simpsons, when Marge passed her exam to become a real estate agent.

Marge: I passed!
Bart & Lisa: Yay!
Lisa: Way to go!
Bart: Way to go!
[Bart turns around his sign which says "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME" to the other side, which reads "CONGRATULATIONS"]
Marge: Thank you, Bart, thank you, Lisa, for all your help!
Homer: What about me? You didn't thank me!
Bart: You didn't do anything..
Homer: [upset] I like being thanked.

It was nice of Bart to think of both eventualities, though.