December 18th, 2003

...With Privileges?

The subtitle to this article at is thus: "On college campuses, the idea of dating is quite outdated. Couples have been replaced by 'friends with benefits.'" When I first read it, I thought it reminded me of a Simpsons bit, but in the Simpsons, the word is privileges, not benefits. No matter.

Artie Ziff, you'll remember, was the sleazeball with the "busy hands" who in this episode, proposed to give the couple a million dollars if he could have one last date with her. After Homer had thought Marge was gone for good, so he left to work in an oil patch. This is when Marge is in Artie Ziff's helicopter looking for Homer:

Marge: I really appreciate you helping me find Homer.
Artie Ziff: Think nothing of it Marge. I hope we can always be friends...
Marge: Of course!
Artie Ziff: ...with privileges? [makes licking noises]
Marge: Does that work on anyone?
Artie Ziff: No. But when it does...hello!