January 9th, 2004

And You, Sir, Are Worse Than Hitler

Adam comes close—very close indeed—to equating someone with Nazis. Equating something with Nazis is, of course, something The Simpsons makes fun of.

This is after Homer had been given a loan by his sisters-in-law, which he was unable to pay back. After being rejected by the same sisters-in-law, who work at the DMV, for a chauffeur's license (which he needs because he was caught driving a limo without one). The sisters-in-law were each having a celebratory smoke—actually, they put their cigarettes, still lighted, on the ash tray—when their boss walks in...

Boss: Ladies, please don't tell me you're smoking in a government building. Because that is precisely the kind of infraction that can cost a couple of sisters their promotion.
[Patty and Selma gasp, and stammer]
Homer: [chuckles to himself] [sees Marge looking unhappy]
[sighs] I'll never forgive myself for this.
[grabs both cigarettes, drags]
Boss: Wait a minute! Those are yours, sir?
Homer: [monotone] Yes. [coughs] I am in flavor country.
Boss: Both of them?
Homer: It's a big country.
Boss: Ladies, I apologize. And you, sir, are worse than Hitler.

The boss then slaps Homer.

Submitted by pinder (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-12 03:00.

my favourite nazi ref is in the Hellfish episode when Burns says: "we'll all be rich! rich as nazis!"

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